Pathotherapeutics II (PAT202): One-on-One Tutoring – Ryerson University

Pathotherapeutics II (PAT202): One-on-One Tutoring

This Exam Aid Product will help you prepare for your upcoming Midterm or Final Exam!  SOS Exam Aid products are created from the experience and insights of students who have previously excelled in the course. Instructors draw upon their own notes and successful study practices to provide an engaging opportunity for students to learn from their knowledgeable peers. They will lead the group over core concepts and theories, in a fun and interactive session, full of relevant examples and opportunities for questions.

All proceeds contribute to Students Offering Support’s mission to provide accessible education in Latin America. 

This Exam Aid Take Home Package has been created by Ramsha, M (a third-year nursing student).

❗️ 1-hour one-on-one tutoring sessions, check available times here.

Expect to receive an email within 24 hours from our team with the link to book your one-one tutoring sessions. If you have any questions or would like a longer tutoring session please message

Price: $5.00

Location: Online
Date: 13/04/2022
Time: Check link in description
Facebook event:

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